A final read-through for your manuscript.
Specializing in self-help guides and quilt or craft patterns.



Welcome to I'm Crystal and I love to read. As spelling and grammar errors tend to jump right off the page at me, let me put my error finding to good use on your book manuscript or pattern.

Whether you write books or design quilt or craft patterns, I provide an affordable proofreading service to catch the overlooked errors in your final pattern or book manuscript.

My focus is on errors that change the meaning of your writing, and on finding misspellings and missing or repeated words. I also give you suggestions to maximize clarity for your readers. And on quilt or craft patterns, I check for measurement and mathematical errors, as well.

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"Her natural love for reading and respect for the written word makes Crystal the perfect person to review your manuscript.

"I know firsthand what it's like to have a book ready for sale only to find out later there were overlooked typos. Crystal, who purchased the book, found these mistakes and very graciously contacted me to give me a heads up.

"The way in which she explained the errors (and there were many), made me receptive to her corrections. That in and of itself is a talent. Most people don't like being corrected after the fact, but Crystal’s compassion and professional attitude saved me from selling a product that wasn't up to par."

--Felicia A. Williams, Author
Make Money Blogging

"Crystal found errors in my book even after I had read it through several times. She’s meticulous and offers excellent suggestions for fine-tuning your book. I think every writer needs a professional to proofread and/or edit their manuscript before publication. Crystal certainly enhanced the readability of my books."

--Deanna Lynn Sletten, Author
Widow, Virgin, Whore
Outlaw Heroes

"Crystal tested and proofread one of my more complex quilt patterns. She made corrections and suggestions that improved the clarity of the directions. She was quick and thorough. I enjoyed working with her. My pattern is definitely better because of Crystal's expertise."

--Anita Eaton, Quilt Pattern Designer and Artist

"Crystal proofread my ebook in a very professional manner. The edits were clear and thorough and I couldn't believe how quickly she did it. Great job!"

--Josh Farrell, Author
The Over-50's Guide to Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

"Just as I was about to launch my e-book, Crystal offered to proofread it for grammatical and spelling errors. Over the span of only a few days she had the entire 72-page e-book looked over and corrected, with suggestions to make the content flow smoothly. I was amazed!

"Crystal is absolutely incredible, and after my e-book went through over five drafts, she was still able to find errors that I had completely overlooked. Crystal is completely professional with her work and has a keen eye for the smallest detail. I was amazed at how many errors she could catch in so little time, and it has made my writing easy-to-read and more effective as a result.

"Hire Crystal NOW! She will simply blow you away!"

--Christina Crowe, Author
Jump Start Your Freelance Writing Career


Health education materials development - 16 years
Quilt/craft pattern tester/editor - 7 years
Online content writer/proofreader - 4 years
Proofreader specializing in ebooks - 3 years


Simpson University
Redding, CA
BA-Business and Human Resources Management